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32 empty cubicles

Tuesday, 24 April, 2007
  • Cho was a Mac guy. He used a 17″ iMac.
  • I wonder how much and what kind of info was actually on the disc sent to NBC. As far as I can tell, it has not leaked in its entirety.
  • Why the disc was sent to NBC: He knew their address. You know their address. You don’t know where ABC, CBS or FOX are (if you put “CNN, Atlanta GA” on an envelope it will get there) but you do know the address “30 Rockefeller Plaza”.
  • The police went out of their way to point out no video games were found among his possessions, or were found during an initial superficial search of his computer. I’m sure someone will be fired.
  • Like Charles Manson, this fellow has become a mirror. What has become clear in a mere ten hours of investigation, people who feel obliged to offer their contribution to the discussion of “Why” are projecting their own foibles onto this kid. Primarily, a desire for “fame” is mentioned as if that was somehow inherently valuable.
  • Everything you hear about America must be true.

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