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Wednesday, 18 April, 2007
  • Our waitress wore a button with the unforgettable words “I’m having an abortion RIGHT NOW ask me about RU486”.
  • Story idea: William Shatner is a mutant/alien with superhuman powers. His career as an actor is cover. The story catches up with him ca. 1970. His distinctive personality is due to the fact that he is superhuman.
  • As of the latest news, three companies are one automotive components company and two “private equity” firms, are talking about taking over Chrysler. In short, if the investors win and simply liquidate the assets, as they inevitably would do, we’ll be down to a Big Two … for now.
  • Evidently, Claire Danes is something of an icon in the foot-fetish community. It never occurred to me that guys into eccentric stuff would fixate on certain celebrities. Curiously, although I have not tried too hard, I can find actual pictures of her feet.

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