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Thursday, 12 April, 2007
  • I’m sorry I slept through life today. I know we have work to do, but I need something like focus. I’m the administrator. That’s what I’m good for. So, I’ll have to work on the agenda.
  • Imus is out. Now that’s done, what is it television has been avoiding covering? Interestingly, this broke around 5 PM Eastern which is after the dictates for the evening news are established.
  • Someday, somebody really is going to send me something through the e-mail which would have resulted in my having a significantly larger and more powerful penis. Sadly, it goes directly into the cybertrash.
  • If you want to get a quick 5000 hits on your Dailymotion account, post something dirty.
  • Somehow, with my new hobby of blatant IP infringement, at this hour I’m up to 103K hits on 45 videos. 70K of those are two videos which somehow got linked from Digg. Until today, no one was even naked or anything in my videos.
  • I know K is short for the prefix kilo- implying 1000 in Metric. However, from the umpteenth century persons in my profession have used a short hand which uses M for 1000 and C for 100, abusing roman numerals. Every time, I want to type “103M hits”, but I think M now stands for million in whatever code this is.
  • The Huffington Post: an exercise in why editors and copy editors exist.
  • Our top story tonight:
    1. An old man made a very typical stupid comment while riffing on a morning radio show
    2. His employer made a point to draw attention to this comment to the point of alerting those most likely to be offended or exploit the comments for their own ends
    3. “The Media” explodes with “controversy”, and the forces of old and evil defend him for all the wrong reasons
    4. The white-liberal-guilt crowd bothered to find out who he was just so they could revile him loudly.

    It was a hit by somebody at Infinity. That is all. You don’t destroy someone who has been on your station before it was your station, and through several format and even call sign changes because of an obnoxious comment. This was a hit.

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