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Sunday, 8 April, 2007
  • Johnny Hart is dead, thirty years too late. Remember, B.C. was interpreted for television by Bob and Ray whose distinctive style fit that universe perfectly.
  • I’ve been trying to think of a project now that I have a proper co-conspirator. Some of my thinking has been along the lines of what is that I can’t find on the Internet. Later, I thought about what would be interesting to see explored by two guys “old enough to know better”.
  • Those last few words are my new favorite way to describe people around my age.
  • oh, yeah. I’ve come up with bubkes with regard to the project
  • You take the windows-only video camera … it’s still “video” when it isn’t related in any way to analog television, yes? … then post the raw file as it comes out of the machine to your favorite flash-based video-hosting site. From there, download the flash file and convert into something raw and manipulatable.
  • I can download flash video and convert into raw video formats through the Hippie OS.
  • My battery on the motherboard is dead. The only implication so far is that when I start the machine after shutting down completely, the system thinks the OS was installed five years in the future. It freaks out a little bit and does all kinds of work optimizing the disks. When the OS loads it hits on a time server in Dallas, so when the system is actually usable everything is as normal as linux ever gets.
  • If I’m lucky, there will be no work tonight and I can come home and sleep for what may be the last time until November.
  • Wednesday, it will be eighty-five again.

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