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Saturday, 7 April, 2007

Volvo Cars, as the division of Ford is now known, is celebrating the eightieth anniversary of Volvo’s first model this year. While Volvo has a certain reputation for marking its history and heritage, the very oldest cars are almost wholly unknown on this continent. To correct this VCNA has imported a fully restored first year, 1927, Volvo PV for display at the New York Auto Show which is going on now.

Some photos. Remember this car was designed at the same time, but an ocean away from, the Ford Model A. It is amazingly sophisticated, even though the throttle is still on the steering column, in imitation of the Ford Model T which was the most common car at the time even in northern Europe. This car was shipped originally and has had restored a fabric covering. I don’t know the purpose of covering a car in fabric as opposed to paint.


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