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I had a scam for today, but don’t have the energy.

Sunday, 1 April, 2007
  • I’m no longer addicted it seems, as I OD’d last night like I did when I was a little kid.
  • I have an idea for a project to keep me occupied for a few weeks. I’m working out an electric bicycle. The likelihood of actually building such a thing is profoundly low. Until that breakthrough in battery technology that’s been coming for sixty years comes such things will remain a fringe technology. The propulsion systems you can get aftermarket are basically $50 in components and $350 in batteries. A whole ready-to-run machine (which isn’t garbage designed to be sold as opposed to being used) start at $1100. That price point has proved too high.
  • I still can’t take care of myself. Someone in a position to do so offered to come over and browbeat me appropriately, but she was quite drunk at the time.

  • You know, how I felt like I was living with animals back in the sticks. I have the same feeling now. Imagine living in a village of very pretentious apes … scratching, breeding, bumbling about all without any consideration except for the few minutes of their memory. Most fascinatingly, the further I get away from this spoiled heart of this township, the less bad it seems.
    Of note: For true cross-cultural experiences you must now leave the city and go into the suburbs. Hell, the Korean community here has opened an entire shopping center (Called Chinatown for some reason) as infill. This is an even more dramatic change in the way our society has operated than the official smart people are capable of realizing. Imagine suburban rings not primarily dependent upon automobiles, that is with facilities for other kinds of motorized vehicles, while in the heart of the city you have few essential services (hospitals, dry goods, groceries, etc.) and very high overall expenses, but a demographic that supports that … The city center becomes Manhattan. The suburbs become “the real world”. Good lord. Now all we have to do is coerce suburbia into allowing non-disposable building.

  • It’s only ten degrees warmer on the inside than on the outside. That will change.

  • I’m so hungry.

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