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Wednesday, 7 February, 2007

Artie asked if Gilbert has any brothers or sisters.
Gilbert said he doesn’t have one.
6:15amHoward said he watched the President last night and said that this whole war has been botched.
Another woman called in and said that the PBA card doesn’t mean anything to a lot of cops.
The baby knew that Gilbert didn’t want to marry it’s mother.
David said he got some of that but not all that much.
Howard read some notes about him and said he was actually there so he should bring him in.
David just giggled when he was asked questions. Gilbert said he does get worried about his boys overseas after Howard mentioned them.
Ralph was also saying that the blonde chick’s face is kind of busted and she’s not so hot. Steve said that there may be another shocking report about Pat O’Brien coming out soon. Howard said they’re not even sure if they’re having another one.
Howard gave Gilbert some plugs for a show he was doing and for his DVD.
He said that Eddie Murphy used to dress very strange years ago and Howard thinks that Eddie still thinks he looked good. It’s actually Johnny Fratto’s thread though.


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