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Sunday, 4 February, 2007
  • Header-back exhaust, including cat, $400
  • dash and seat covers, good ones $200
  • new floor mats, the big heavy ones like I have but that aren’t old enough for bar mitzvah $30
  • existing mechanical issues, worst case, brake service, transmission seals with cooler installation, timing chain, fuel injector service/replacement $1100
  • fender and trim replacement, $400
  • other body prep, sticker removal, chemical rust treatment of spots $350
  • seal, prime and repaint two coats of Ford Oxford White or Ford Medium Platinum $600 (Med Platinum is a light gray)
  • headlight bulbs and replacement lenses $90


or do I sell my legacy for next to nothing and get a Yamaha C3 or something. I do like the idea of getting another thirteen years or so out of the same vehicle. Were I to turn him over to a collector or something then, I would be over fifty years old.


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