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Wednesday, 17 January, 2007

What bothers me most is that I cannot leave because of the condition of my primary transportation device. The roads are clear. A token ice spot on the occasional overpass, more businesses than not are closed …

My truck has a solid three-eighths of an inch of ice covering the cab. I know this because I just returned from my parking spot with a candle. A candle I used in an attempt to melt ice and access the door latches. For those of you out in the world, it is only about 30 degrees here, but that is all which is needed to keep the consistent mist of rain building up on everything not insulated by the earth. The ice is as thick as the length down to the first knuckle on my index finger.

I really want to get to the grocery because I know nothing has stopped deliveries, and folks are having difficulties getting around so the grocery must be a cornucopia of mundane delights. I have three cans of cat food in the house. That is, I am roughly forty-eight hours away from becoming dinner. The heat has been popping on for a couple of minutes every three hours or so. Typically the heat dries out everything but my investment a couple of years ago in a warm-mist humidifier has proven wise. Entering my home from the outside is just like entering a place with steam heat.

I did my taxes. I’m getting $760 back. As usual that covers my semi-annual automobile insurance and the amount outstanding on my cards. I’m not really worried about any of that right now, but it’s nice how that works out. I’ve slept nineteen of the last twenty-four hours. I’m not really eating food. I’m on the pleasure-cycle food substitute.

It is all amazingly empty and pointless.


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