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Automotive cabin-heating systems do not feature breakable electrical-resistence coils.

Monday, 1 January, 2007

It’s three in the afternoon. I’m up and about. I believe I’m hungry, but objective evidence suggests this is not possible. This all consuming desire for high-protein feed and anything oily is getting to be a bother.

My body is suggesting I do something “active”. Wandering outside makes me think I should work out some activity from here. Part of me wants to get all ranty.


  • Texans are shockingly ignorant with regard to automotive technology.
  • How the US automotive industry will persevere after the collapse of General Motors and Ford’s merger with Renault-Nissan.
  • Why the US auto industry insists upon making vehicles consumers must be coerced into buying.
  • How OpenSUSE will attract more attention than any other Linux distro yet, and will be the OS of the first widely available non-Windows, non-Mac personal computer at a compelling price point.
  • Why Windows Vista will compel the SUSE desktop into existence.

I am empty and I don’t have my favorite narcotic to distract anymore. I don’t get new toys until I evolve to the point where I know I can use them.

I live in a very shallow world. I now know why distraction is more important than knowledge or achievement.


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