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Tuesday, 26 December, 2006

Since I’ve been away, I assembled my chair.

I will say this: I desperately miss design. I wish I could stumble upon it more often.

While Ikea met all of my expectations with regard to a certain level of Scandinavian practicality, the merchandise was somewhat different. I assumed everything would be somewhat more expensive and somewhat less “good”. They have items at most price points. You can get a $30 task chair. You can get a $329 task chair. You can get something middling. Each item appears to have been made to provide as much satisfaction as one would anticipate at that price point. Most items are like this.

The chest of drawers I want but is unavailable at any price is $69 at Ikea. I probably should have picked that up.

and no bling … well, a little in the home textiles

I shall return to Ikea someday.


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