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Another one.

Friday, 8 December, 2006

AJE signed on last month with less fanfare than one would anticipate. Now another service designed to be ignored by North American television providers premieres. Proposed and discussed under the name “French International News Network”, and expected to sign on in March 2007, commenced operations from Paris Wednesday (at 20:29 or 9:30 PM in Paris, 3:30 PM Central US).

The new channel, badged “France 24” on the inescapable blue square on the lower right of your screen, is called “France vingt-quatre” even in English. It’s dry and simply shot differently. Every time the (presumed) native English speaker on my monitor pronounces the name of the channel, he does so in a way which would make my high school French teacher grimace. It pops out at you.

and they have strong station identity.

If you scan the page carefully, you will see the “live feed” square. It’s pretty much in the middle.


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