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No time like the present.

Monday, 4 December, 2006

The first episode of the new order of six. More? we don’t know yet. I’m thinking it was must be a two-parter cut down since so much is going on.

  • Father of Jordan’s baby: Oh, of course. Shoulda saw that coming down Main Street. This is why I’ll never actually write anything.
  • “What are you, Linus?” That show was more influential than I thought, but certainly no more than it was for me.
  • Cal’s ca. 1990 “Studio Sixty” [sic] T-shirt. Very nice touch.
  • This took a minute to register, but without any form of explanation we’ve jumped ahead about six weeks or so. All of the changes which took place last week (Nov. 3, 2006) have pretty much settled in.
  • Simon vs. Tom and Lucy. I guess you may as well just go for it, no?
  • Why does this up to the minute HDTV studio have bubble-screen TVs?
  • Best handling of an unstated love confession I’ve ever seen. Poor bastard.
  • Darius has a Wheel-O. Hee. (That was more about me knowing what it is called, really.)
  • Mr. White delivers a real Christmas miracle.
  • Mixed feelings about “Ladies and Gentlemen, the city of …” Maybe it hurts because I needed the reminder. Corny? Sappy? Maudlin? you bet. It still works.

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