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Friday, 1 December, 2006

I have not heard from Phyllis since the Thursday before she departed. Period. I was a bit anxious since she typically calls rather compulsively after a visit, but nothing. I had no idea what she was planning. You may recall that she had leased an apartment in the area and I expressed my displeasure. She displayed that grin as though she were getting away with something.

I don’t remember exactly how the logic works about how you can somehow impose your will upon a situation and think it will all work out in your favor. I do remember having thoughts like this as a younger person, much later than I would care to admit. Then I attempted to operate in the “real world”. Providence had provided the ability for me to learn. I don’t really know if I have that any more.

She called this morning. Six AM here. “Cousin Brian” (a.k.a. Deputy Brian Louvins of the Clark County, IN Sheriff’s Department) and one of his “cop buddies” are helping her. They intend to start packing at 11, and depart thereafter. If they leave Friday, say at 4 PM, and drive straight through in a big ol’ van they could make it in 14-16 hours. Getting into town around 6 to 9-ish Saturday morning. I guess if they crash after moving in, they can hit the bars before flying back Sunday at nine

Somehow I am going to be called upon to do something. Probably while I am working or recovering.

I don’t want to know where she is living. I don’t want her to work out where my apartment is. I want as little to do with her as can be managed. My life is over.

I don’t know what to do.


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