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Friday, 1 December, 2006

Vilsack’s in.

Well, frankly, I’ve only heard the name in whispering tones and he didn’t even make my short list a few months ago. Iowa is too small. Vilsack is not a dynamic character. Nobody knows who he is. His nomination is being pushed by a radical, and winning, minority within his party. You know, the fifty-state strategy guys.

He may be the right mix of previous success and practical implementation of non-radical ideas. You know, wind farms and biofuels or “energy security” as its being framed, education, actual education as opposed to merely testing well (this will be difficult to frame as testing well sells to the hoi polloi, and actual education terrifies parents), medical reform albeit in the background … the cleanest air and most stable economy in the country.

He doesn’t come off as scarily sophisticated. He is a vaguely pro-choice Roman Catholic which will be the perfect bait for the red menace. That “V” can become a subtle yet powerful symbol and it’s built right in. Indeed, I can just about see the little “V8” bumper stickers right now. The Clear Channel talkers can call him “vile sack”, which might just back fire. It’s such an easy nickname it can only help with name recognition. He’s an adpotee, literally left on the steps of an orphanage. I don’t know how that can be spun one way or the other, but it is interesting.

Tom Harkin’s on the stump. Remember him? They have significant online operations. YouTube, Facebook, DailyKos, MySpace, Party Builder, Linkedin, MyDD and the number? 1-888-GO-TOM-GO, shades of another campaign. [Oops, this was a suggestion.]


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