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Sunday, 5 November, 2006
  • After two-thirds of the scheduled screens not receiving their prints and the distributor not offering a public explanation, Borat … runs to an average $10.5K per day per screen. Nothing else comes close. Next week, however …
  • Three different versions of events are going around. The internet is suspiciously quiet on the event, but as you know the news broke in the 4 o’clock hour in the East: the poorly executed show trial of Saddam Hussein has sentenced him to death. You know by now why the charges against Hussein have been a moving target. You know that this outcome was inevitable … although the hanging. When will the Occupier’s governance through compelling television pictures “attract closure”. It’s not Saddam for whom I mourn today.
  • He may yet get out of it. ORT-London [the former BBC Empire Service] and ORT-Washington [by which I mean Fox] are going along with the storyline that he’s done. Who the hell knows.
  • Because no one else is actually coming out and saying it: Saddam was a piker. Particularly considering his competition in this race, many of whom are perfectly acceptable to the United States (the House of Saud comes to mind), and including other regimes which have ruled that nation in this decade, Saddam was nothing but a two-bit chump. After Noriega and this, it will be a miracle if any other second or third world governments get into business with the United States. After all, these days you can get into bed with Japan, RoKorea, China, Europe … and India is coming.
  • For those who claim that it can’t possibly get any worse in Iraq: It can always get worse. Baghdad is nothing compared to Beirut during the height of the civil war, with the exception that precious few are allowed to leave. For those of you who do not remember seeing Lebanon on television personally, perhaps Sarajevo would prove an apt example of how it can get worse. Remember at this hour, and presumably at least until 7 PM Pacific Standard Time, Tuesday, the major metropolitan areas through the entire nation are “on curfew”. Press couldn’t cover “hell breaking loose” if they wanted to … in the event it is happening.
  • I just got a call this Sunday which traces back to 888-000-0000. It was an obviously re-re-recorded message from Bill Clinton reminding this voter to stand for Mr. Bell on Tuesday. Since telemarketing calls are not allowed on Sunday anymore I shall only assume the worst. All the other calls I’ve gotten in this vein trace back to the DNC’s 800 number for donations or the Travis County TX analog. Oh, I got one, and only one, from Kinky’s people.
  • Is it me or is the Saddam thing getting suspiciously little coverage? Of course, I don’t have subscription television.

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