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The Last Buyout

Tuesday, 31 October, 2006

Glenn Hauman:

Question for the audience.

When a new company absorbs a floundering company, they often dump the management that got them in over their heads, and often with the blessings of the shareholders.

So let me give you this hypothetical. Other NATO nations say that they will send a total of 300,000 soldiers to Iraq, to shore up the inadequate number of US troops, but they will do so only under one condition– the Bush administration must resign. The nations providing the soldiers claim that the US upper management is clearly not up to the task, and furthermore, Bush and Cheney are so polarizing that their continued presence in office would prevent any sort of peace being brought to the region. Dubya would be, in essence, bought out like he was for Harken, Spectrum 7, the Texas Rangers, and so may other times when he was able to wash his hands clean of the mess and hand it off to someone else.

What do the nation’s shareholders– citizens– say to this offer? What do you say? I’ve got my own thoughts on the issue, but I want to hear what the rest of you think.


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