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Tuesday, 31 October, 2006

This is my sixth October 31st at this address. The previous five years I have had a grand total of zero trick-or-treaters. I’m not even going to buy the token amount of candy I’ve purchased the last couple of years. I remeber the first ‘Eve at the Abrupt House. We, the post-modren hep cats, were getting our costumery on and our drink on … this was the first year I did the generic ghoul thing which is when I shave my head, cover in two layers of white greasepaint, powder with talcum, and otherwise wear beat up black clothing. Eye liner or mascara optional, depending upon availability …

On Everett Avenue whilst we were making merry and scary someone knocked at the door. You see, we believed the hype. Kids don’t do the old standbys anymore because the parents are scared of each other. So we encountered out first set of trick or treaters with no loot. The first group wound up with one full-sized Kit Kat each. Then we scrounged around the house … cans of pudding, pop tarts, more full-sized candies … the neighborhood was positively crawling with packs of goblins of varying qualities.

I hadn’t been paying attention to what J. was up to. He, who is able to do so, grew a moustache in about five days, donned aviator sunglasses, and wore a beat-up grey hoodie. Remember, this was 1995 or so.

He said he was ready for the evening’s mayhem but until we answered the door at the same time did I understand. He’s passing around the loot and one of the older kids in the clique stepped back not exactly intimidated. Staring in astonishment … “Dude, are you supposed to be the Unibomber?”

J. giggles his man giggle.

“Awesome!” he didn’t even get his pudding.


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