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Friday, 27 October, 2006
  • It’s as good as Samhain time. I have done nothing. Evidently the man is expecting some kind of event late Tuesday. I’ll be staying in. I don’t know what ruined the only holiday I learned to love.
  • I’ve still got a major case of the crazies.
  • I have been avoiding my third most prevalent vice. It seems I can’t get off of my ass before 8:30 PM. Tuesday may be my night should anyone want to spend time with someone ranty.
  • I am having trouble keeping track of the time. I woke in a panic at 6 AM ready to go to work. Alas, I can’t really sleep anymore.
  • If, with considerable assistance, I can get my house in order. Then call some people and fix some petty things. Then clear out the area of the apartment where the TV and computer are … I can con myself into putting the next computer on the card.
  • I’ve designed a $600 machine I believe I can live with. The fear of buyer’s remorse has kept me from acting, as you may know. If you can get me into an Intel Mac for similar dollars, including no less than 360 GB of additional storage, tell me how. I will need a DVD burner, but won’t mandate that for a Mac. I know of the $500-ish Core Solo mini, but once you’ve put a gig of RAM in it and added a 400 GB external you’ve topped $800. That’s the best Mac-based deal so far.
  • I’ve not been tending to my diet and am noticeably heavier and flabbier than the last time most of you have seen me. Please excuse the schizophrenic stare.
  • It is Friday, isn’t it?

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