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Sunday, 8 October, 2006

A good, solid six years of lies, obfuscation, opportunism and corruption on a scale unprecedented in the West. All the while “The Media” acts like the stereotype proposed by Spiro Agnew, although in the interest of his party. Yes, a fair number of media organizations were interested in continuing their ability to do business. Yes, a fair number were concerned with the potential of “The Machine” being turned against them while a precious few lone voices somehow squeaked through the noise.

Do not blame or praise the blogosphere. The traditional electronic media abandoned what credibility they had in the last century and created an opportunity for someone to provide analysis and information not available elsewhere. “Journalism” has become a euphemism. The technological progress of the last generally progressive era provided this opportunity, as technology has before. In the “red baiting” era, television broke through the barriers newspapers and radio would not. Murrow is the most remembered, but he was not alone.

The question remains: How did the Foley scandal gain traction? Compared to the hyjinx of recent years, invasions based on fraud, the “disappearing” of politically opposed persons, the establishment of whorehouses staffed by slaves, “business” gone wild, the dissolution of scores of economic instruments as every drop of capital goes to the federal government … so much so the only “safe” investment has become real estate creating a Texas-like bubble all over the country … the undeclared war against no one in particular which they’ve made certain we shall lose with plenty of blood …

Talking up a few little boys seems like nothing in contrast to this whole mess. The spin machine has pushed the idea that journalists are elitists. This idea has somehow taken hold after being pushed for some sixty years. It’s a difficult point to argue against, superficially. Indeed, as long as journalism is made of people with something to protect (their children, their stock price, their job, their licenses to operate) intimidation has proved to be an easy tactic. How then does the FCC issue fines against ABC, who no longer have a significant number of O&Os, about discussing the sexual lives of children when the discussion surrounds the aggressive tactics of one of their own …

Well, you’ve read the IMs. About now I should say something like, “You know, I’m about as hippy-dippy, whatever-gets-you-through-the-night as they come but …” I don’t think I’m like that any more. The only way out of this would be for a few well placed people to resign and offer a few well coordinated, sincere looking acts of contrition. You may as well expect them to send their own children and grandchildren off to the war.

As long as they are diddling the children of the elite class from which the “journalists” and editor come, and offer no apologies or acts of contrition …

They’re fucked. You can fuck all the white-trash, photo club little boys you want back home but …

Not our kids. That’s what it took.

And no it’s not about hypocrisy, Americans are amazingly tolerant of such things.


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