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re: podcasting and superior video audio

Thursday, 5 October, 2006
  • A very small number of hubs existed in a 1999-2002 timeframe supporting somehow special connections which allowed that generation of USB 1 audio devices to connect to your G3/4 Macintosh. As USB 2 machines became dominant, these products disappeared. Would a standard USB 2 powered hub support two to four USB 2 microphones (the Samson C01U or C03U and Marshall’s MXL.006 appear to be the only units worth serious consideration) in full fidelity?
  • Alternately, one could use a device which has at least two XLR phantom-powered inputs which directly connects into the USB. This solution opens up the possibility of using any “professional” microphone you might want. This solution will prove expensive as the XLR to USB units start at a suspiciously low $150 and go up. Typically these are $600-$1500 units. Minimally, the microphones would run about $80 each, but can go up as much as you want. Spending over $2500 is usually pointless. This method would allow one to audition mics if such things are still available for weekly or daily rentals.
  • Based upon my research, it looks like solution one would work out to $260 in mics, $20 for a MF hub, $40 in stands and you’re done. Solution two would run $150 for connectivity, $160 in mics, $30 for cables, another $40 for stands.
  • Well, throw in about $10 per mic for wind/spit screens.

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