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Saturday, 30 September, 2006

You know, its getting to the point where its just not worth getting up in the morning afternoon. I have spent the last two weeks merely persisting and discussing the nature of society and what is changing … being pushed up our collective asses … while the masses are grateful to their overlords for $2/gallon gasoline.

Friday saw an explicit confession that the current executive administration is untenable and unsalvagable. We may only anticipate the next two years will see little more than the adaptation of the nation into something intended to fail so that the other side will inherit something prone to failure. At least on television.

On the bright side, Friday’s actions opened the door to the labeling of domestic real terror, social terror and civil terror organizations as Terrorist on a Federal level. This, in turn, opens the door to exposing and eliminating the primary social evil on this continent. Specifically, the organizations formerly known as the Southern Baptist Convention. Imprison the leaders, then the followers can be sent to designated areas in the interest of their own safety. For all points and purposes, these facilities or campuses shall be work camps. Although I would happily create a fleet of thermal depolymerization units on the back of trucks and dispense with them on site. Finally, these people could be put to some kind of legitimate use.

All the while, no one talks about what Blackwater is doing “over there”. If you don’t know ask the under-25s in your life about what used to be called “cheese”. Whatever nickname is being pushed today is certain to be equally abstract. The primary export or Iraq, Afghanistan and the PDR Korea. It’s a good answer to why all those Koreans who materialized in the last five years look like refugees from 1985.

We won’t even be allowed to talk about any of this for at least another four years.


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