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Saturday, 30 September, 2006

Livejournal is now more aggressively abandoning users like most of us. That is, people who don’t have much use for the high school yearbook of the internet, Myspace, or interested in producing or merely displaying content.

I have been poking around looking at other similar interfaces/sites, but haven’t come up with anything worth mentioning. Blogger and WordPress are the obvious selections, but both are somewhat lacking in the building community part. That is, it is less possible to stumble upon masses of people into whatever you’re into with these interfaces. Thanks to the magic of RSS, one could “friend” one’s LJ users without much fuss. Although the “friends page” component will almost certainly be lost.

Anyhow, I’ve got several months to work all this out. Oh, and how does one archive one’s LJ, specifically with an eye toward transferring text entries from previous years (I have over five years in here) to another interface …


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