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Thursday, 21 September, 2006
    I have accomplished nothing in the last 48 hours, except an accidental webcam recording on screwy settings which was recently posted. I keep thinking about compelling a future. Alas, I am as capable of this as ever, but here’s what I’m thinking:

  • A MythTV-based Übertivo which features web-browsing capacity and can store all of your DVDs and media gathered from other sources on one unit Front-Row style, but not at Apple’s premium, and with profoundly more storage.
  • The modern cyclemotor which I’ve mentioned before. In fact what I’m thinking about is a 50-state legal, DOT-exempt vehicle. It would be not unlike a Whizzer or an unapprovable King’s-powered bicycle, but with an air-cooled engine under 30cc to achieve unquestionably bicycle-like speed, with a magneto for lights and horn. This vehicle would also have oversized tires (26×3), mondo-duty rims and spokes and possibly a CVT. It would be a big, heavy cycle at 150 lbs., but could contend with neighborhood running, suburban shopping or even cross-town trips in more dense cities (or far less dense rural areas) at an estimated 170-200 mpg and a top speed in the 25 mph range.
  • I was thinking of something like a motorwheel, but someone is already doing it … although it is not yet shipping.
  • or I could just market mopeds.
  • Then again, Austin Moped is already doing it. They are forced to sell second-hand euro imports due to the all but complete lack of new moped distributors on this continent today.
  • We are seeing the end of the era of physical media. Paper is all but obsolete thanks to PDF and technologies which don’t even emulate paper-based forms. Audio entertainment is provided digitally one way or the other. Television continues to stretch to new lows, while consumers are abandoning the form. TV is still due to be shut off in February of ’09, after which, excepting token ATSC broadcasts, television as we have known it will disappear and will be provided as a subscription-only service. Clear Channel realizes that their radio division is bringing down the value of the entire enterprise. After a solid twenty years of buying every radio frequency they could find, their least successful eighty percent of broadcating properties may be for sale. No market exists for these properties. CCC destroyed that market somewhere along the way. Whether these frequencies will survive as relevant or locally-oriented entities remains to be seen. Music programming is going to satellite.
  • All the while the GOP is busy stuffing the toothpaste back into the tube.
  • Is it 1989 again? One can only hope.
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