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DX LISTENING DIGEST 6-138, September 15, 2006

Saturday, 16 September, 2006
** INTERNATIONAL VACUUM. RCI now available 24/7 on Sirius in the US 

For reasons unknown (no official announcement has been made), Sirius
Satellite Radio sent out an update to all its American subscribers'
recievers last night which unlocked a number of channels that until
now had been available only on Sirius Canada. Most importantly, this
means that Sirius Canada's "Radio Canada International Plus" channel
is now available to U.S. listeners on Channel 188. RCI+ is an amalgam
of RCI programming from all nine of their language services. A current
schedule is available at:

For those interested, the other Canadian Sirius channels now available
in the U.S. are:

The Weather Network - Channel 185. Continuous Canadian weather,
largely indistinguishable in format from The Weather Channel in the 

Hardcore Sports Radio - Channel 186. Canadian-oriented sports news and

InfoPlus - Channel 187. The CBC's French all-news radio service.

Rock Velours - Channel 192. All-Canadian adult contemporary/soft rock
music in both English and French.

Énergie2 - Channel 193. Canadian and international pop, rock,
alternative and urban music, in both English and French (Aaron Dickey, 
Sept 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Not to my older receivers, though. My two Audiovox and Kenwood PNPs 
have not been updated. OTOH, my newer Starmate Replay had the Canadian 
channels from the day I activated it in July (John Figliozzi, NY, 

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