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Tuesday, 29 August, 2006

I have trouble with the name, but I do enjoy Mootopia. Despite the name being used elsewhere, a consortium of dairy companies and cooperatives in the Southwest have trademarked the name for a beverage made from componented milk.

You do the thing with the cow, then separate the milk into its component parts. Water, whey, proteins, lactose and so on … then these components are blended to create what’s called designer milk. Now get this, one of the values of the method is that the components stay fresher and transport more easily than actual milk, especially in the climate of the Southwest. The product is available in the usual varieties, .5% “skim”, 2%, 5% “whole”, and 5% with chocolate. The only flavored product currently produced uses Mexican-style bitter chocolate.

Mootopia is marketed to adults, as opposed to other experiments which have targeted pre-teens and typically featured anthropomorphized cattle on skateboards. M has more protein, less odd sugars, no lactose and is uncannily similar to milk. I recently tried the gold standard, NesQuik, side by side with Chocolate Mootopia. While I still appreciate the malt-inspired finish of NesQuik, I am forced to report Chocolate Mootopia as a superior experience. A malted Mootopia, adding Carnation-brand malt for milk, is in my immediate future.

You can only imagine my surprise and delight when a fourth white Mootopia materialized at my favorite grocer. In the place of the logo describing which variety you’re viewing was a yellow flower. Vanilla Mootopia. A nice, sweet and strong vanilla, which is not in anyway artificial.

Upon Googling the concept of Vanilla Mootopia, I discovered “wild berry” and blueberry varieties are in development. Oh boy. As long as I’m getting fat, I may as well do it right.


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