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Sunday, 13 August, 2006
  • The Wi-Fi radio is reality in the United States. It sounds horrible and it’s $300
  • I’m beginning to experience alienation in a real, practical way. I will have to do something about that.
  • I have to find some practical solution to cut the cost of living. The key word here being practical. No investment of $300 to save dozens per month, &c.
  • 1260-450, -100, -95, -200 … maybe I can afford a feeble attempt to “go out” this week.
  • I’ve got to invest in maintaining my main bike and seeing somebody about Otis’ tranny. I have no idea what Otis shall run me, but I fear it’s one of those things where I may as well do other things and I’m looking at a $800 minimum. $100 in parts, lots of labor and a minimum of several days down.
  • I gots to find some replacement for the sandwiches I’ve been taking for lunch. Something conspicuously healthy.

  • The next person who flirts in my general direction may find herself tending to the disappointment of the year. I wish I could be like a man in that way.
  • A casual glance in the bathroom mirror reveals that as much as a lump as I appear in my clothes, I’m not so terrible otherwise. Of course, the competition is so much ….
  • When I can’t stand to bathe, even in an Austin summer, a clean the way I do it shirt, “spice” grooming supplies and a daub of CK’s Obsession over the heart does very, very well.
  • “Things” are getting angsty enough that Austin, as I remember it, may be coming back. A few subtle things come to mind, but the big one was the confusion over whether the “As Naked As We Wanna Be” gallery show was clothing optional. (BTW, the confounded hosts were forced to repeat again and again it was not.)
  • Anybody up for some apeshit? You know where I am.

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