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Saturday, 12 August, 2006

  • The “binary explosive” was not in fact an explosive, but a quick acting aerosol poison. Not unlike the mixing of bleach and ammonia, but ten thousand times as effective. Presumably some folks more familiar with chemistry than I have worked out what it most likely is, and they aren’t talking.
  • The explosive business is somewhat less terrifying, I suppose.
  • There were to be a total of nine flights, one hour apart, with two participants per flight and one backup. They were flying to Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and New York, at least.
  • A 757-200 loaded with fuel to get from London [Gatwick] to DFW would either drop over the Pacific in the event of total incapacity of the passengers and crew, or could be landed as intended at the airport with minimal preparation remotely. If a totally remote landing has been done on a regular commercial fight that information has not been made public.
  • I find it interesting the bad guys would target our compulsive use of pseudo-hygenic products.
  • The dumping of hygiene products into vats (usually 32-gallon, steel trash cans) in the midst of crowds specifically created to create “good” television pictures is literally the single worst thing which could be done. Therefore, no threat, explosive, poison or otherwise exists or existed.
  • Why do these threats have a direct correlation with the polls? This event happened within 24 hours of the Alfred’s overall approval rating hitting 30%. Remember, Nixon’s approval rating was 28% the night he resigned.
  • We all know the State keeps tabs on small-time jackasses just in case they get up to something. In the Internet age, this is even easier than it used to be although readily thwarted with even a moment’s thought. Now those lists of mayhem-oriented dopes are being mined to create threats in the public mind where none exists in objective reality.
  • Why have our overseers done little more, over the last five years, than pursue strategies designed to guarantee “the bad guys” success?

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