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Three chords, no waiting.

Tuesday, 25 July, 2006

This is an experiment in our new capasity to post video. These videos compel the question: what drives culture? Well, for me.

I don’t want to live in a human world
where my kind is caged and locked out.
I have no use for human words
and I will swallow the hate they brought out.
Come on bitch, give me the keys.
Yeah, I like you better on your knees.
We must come from different worlds.
Believe me boy, I take no orders.
I have no use for human words,
always spoken to bring disorder.
Come on bitch, give me the keys.
Yeah, I like you better on your knees.
Motherfucker, open this cage.
Maybe then I’ll leave this place in one piece.
I’ve been pushed down in a den of small souls.
You’re not man enough to open this cage.

All of your friends, where are they?
All your friends where are they now that your glory’s burned away?
You’ve always said you can’t live a lie but the truth has always been that you’re afraid.
What was so important, why did you let go? Why did you let those bastards win out?
Why did you let them win, making a joke of what you claimed you were about?
Your mind’s not ruled by those around you – you’re not that dumb so you have no exucse.
The few that you hate, you don’t take them with you.
You’ll never convince me you were born to lose.

Bonus video. I actually shot the above and don’t know how it wound up on YT. The poster is one of my old partners under an alias I didn’t recognize. You fucking try framing this scene when you can’t move. I do wonder what these kiddos (the eldest was 16 in this trio) are doing today.


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