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Rant on.

Thursday, 22 June, 2006

and I were on the IM last night, and as always the topic turned to my inherent screwyness. The short version is I need some kind of creative outlet and one was proposed.

If I could find a therapist who worked that fast …

Anyway, I now require some device which can record a web-ready video. Doing so in my OS of choice has me Googling in circles. Any other requirements must be software-based as I shall not spend a red cent on it.

I need video hosting that will tolerate “adult content”, even if that isn’t the object of the exercise my language and deeds may get a little salty. I also need to find a way to manipulate videos my machine would create within my OS. Editing and overlaying audio would be good.

I don’t yet know how to guarantee reasonable audio but I think I can fake the lighting.

I’ve been looking for the music I’ve wanted to use for a theme off and on all night with no success. That’s what I get for selecting something obscure.

More later …


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