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Grasping my fate.

Thursday, 15 June, 2006
  1. I need an accomplice.
  2. By accomplice I mean what other people would say “partner”, “girlfriend” or “f-buddy with potential”.
  3. I do not have the skills, socially and otherwise, to work out how to arrange this.
  4. “Get involved with some [thing] in which you believe” is not good advice, as I primarily believe in being left alone due to the nature of my life experience.
  5. I’m too old for anything else which is obvious and have “desires” which are, well, silly.
  6. I will regret this in the morning afternoon, but I am now requesting tips, advice or provocation which could point me in the intended direction.
  7. Anything which even hints at approaching people in the absence of blatantly appropriate context should be considered moot.

Or maybe I should be a poet or a stand up monologist. The problem is I can’t edit on the fly or memorize.


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