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Tuesday, 13 June, 2006

The female on the intro for Drivel is very appealing. One must assume that this was a photo taken by someone who loves her.

If I were living in Dallas, I could pay $100 less per month for the apartment in which I am living and make an additional $1.00 per hour employed in my field. I can’t imagine what I would be worth to the people my sincere but mislead supporters assume. I’m trying to work out just why Austin is so desirable that you can offer $180,000 for next to nothing far away from grocers and other common services, or a half-mil for an unfashionable house in a “good” neighborhood. Those $40K shotguns in Irish Hill are looking pretty damn good.

That said, I can’t imagine living in the home of my madness without being free from the “local economy”. I know there’s something else I “should” be doing, but I’m have no idea what that would be.

I need to reach out, don’t I. Does anybody want to get hammered with a thirty-eight year old MF who has a tendency to get …

that was a long time ago;


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