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It was a pretty good run.

Friday, 9 June, 2006

I’ve been thinking, as you might imagine.

I honestly don’t know:

  • what the hell to do with myself, long term
  • where to go from here
  • I must do something to shake up my world. I’m considering looking for a job within day-trip distance of Austin and moving. There isn’t much work in my line here, and another gig would be a good excuse.

    I have about two weeks to decide whether or not I’m leaving this apartment. Any landing place would be welcome … that is, changing-municipalities-wise. If I am, as I suspect, out of work as of tomorrow. The decision has been made with regard to the apartment even though I don’t have any idea what I alternate arrangements could be made.

    Packing up and hitting the road again looks good, but … it’s 1995 all over again.

    and my head has been begging me to cry for a little while now, but not even the most sentimental BS can do the job.

    Oh, and I’ve been so freaked out for the last few days (situation as usual) that it’s now 2:30 in the morning and I’ve been wearing the same clothes all week since I don’t have anything else to wear.

    New environment and/or living situation. Surely some competent head shrinker has somehow snuck into Texas, but the new gig my not (read: almost certainly will not) pay even my current meager wage. You won’t believe the amount of crap going to Goodwill/dump. Anybody need a forty-year-old, creepy, underemployable, cat-owning, chain-smoking roommate? Yeah, I should do something about that last part. We’ll see.


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