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Sunday, 4 June, 2006

Last night I made a colossal error. All me, baby. The nature of this error caused a cascade effect and a great deal of work was re-run, not just in my department. On top of all this, I’m not the cool guy at the office type. Worse yet I am particularly diligent, even when operating in a way that is not fruitful. I really, really fucked up and in the cold light of day I cannot account rationally for my actions.

This doesn’t happen often. Actually, very rarely do I lose my mind in this particular way.

The short version is that I should expect “the call” Monday or Tuesday. It works like this. You are asked to come in under supposedly mysterious reasons. The nature and consequences of your error are exaggerated five-fold (In this case, I would be personally responsible for Bush’s re-election.) Asked to fill out a form about your solution and set to stew for up to an hour. At the end of this hour your are presented with “separation paperwork” and a check, which always clears, for all monies due the subject of the exercise. It is unclear whether one is directly presented with one’s 401K fund, or if that is mailed later. I’ve had it work both ways.

I’m thinking about stuff. With no gig, a lease which ends August 1 (that is only one more month due), and a pocket not quite full of cash (about six grand), this would be a good time to go ahead and leave. Who would put me up/put up with me for a while? and where?


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