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Sunday, 7 May, 2006
  • You read now: The War on Peons Fucking
  • and hit the links, really.
  • Another one: Real Conservatism Has Never Been Tried
  • Hold on tight. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  • Here’s what we know at this hour about Goss and Foggo: They attended one of the Abramoff sponsored shindigs. It is nothing more than a humble party with liquor, hookers and poker only the latter two of which are technically illegal within the confines of DC. Some sort of documentary evidence must exist of both gentlemen indulging in some impermissible activity therein. We shall see, before such evidence makes the light of day a rehash of the entirety of the “Abramoff scandal”. The primary chestnut within has been debunked totally and is without merit. Therefore it simply must be repeated loudly in the conspicuous media. However, fact-based reporting on the matter is available.
  • Looks like the Ford Falcon is coming back after an absence of thirty years. It will replace the Crown Victoria and the Ranger replacement is on the table. These will be “world cars”, but can FMC sell world-class cars on this continent? Will the diesel Ranger return? Will someone wise up and put an ethanol-native engine which can tolerate gasoline in a production vehicle, instead of the other way ’round? What will we be driving, and we will be driving, in fifteen years?

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