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Thursday, 27 April, 2006
  • A second-hand 250cc class motorcycle can be had for $1200-1800 depending upon options. The MO tends to be the new cyclist bought a CB250 Nighthawk new when he started and when he was ready for something larger and more exciting his wife gets licensed. The motorcycle you want is the Honda CB250, and you may never find it used.
  • A 150cc scoot, that you would want, starts at $2500 in road-worthy condition. Oddly, you could buy a moribund 150cc European scoot for $800, and get it completely redone mechanically for $1000 and painted, with better paint than the original and in the color of your choice, for another $299.
  • The used bikes I keep seeing are either from the 70’s and therefore collectible, or cruiser-style and I don’t think any of us are ready for a traditional mid-life crisis.
  • A helmet will run $75-200, or even more. Evidently you can go as high as you can stand, but you don’t really want a helmet that could be sold for under $150.
  • The MSF class is $180.
  • Your M authorization runs $24.
  • The first six-months of insurance should run not less than $200. Count on $300 if it qualifies as a scooter.
  • Panniers or carriers are not typical of cycles on this continent and probably would have to be acquired. Add $150.

So moving from a four-wheel transport device on the rational high end would cost $4600 or not much less than $1900, including the purchase of a reputable machine.

2006 CB250 Nighthawk $3600, Helmet/License/Class $355, Insurance $200, rear rack and box $250 = $44-ish

1993 CB250 $1300, Helmet/License/Class $355, Insurance $110, no carriers = $1785

2005 Bajaj Chetak $2900, Helmet/License/Class $355, Insurance $330, rear box $159 = $38-ish

196? Piaggio Vespa VBB, frame-up restored $3900, Helmet/License/Class $355, Insurance $110, no carriers = $44-ish

2006 Tomos Sprint $1399 (moped), Helmet/License/Class $355, Insurance $100 = $1850


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