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Today’s Craiglist picks

Thursday, 20 April, 2006
  • Late 80’s Peugeot 15 speed, 26-inch/559 (mountian bike) wheels, elastomer (modern springs) seat, home refurbished with new cables and thorn-proof tubes.
  • 300 Rover Univega ca. 2000 with the name in the listing exactly reversed. Legendarily hard mountain bike frame (looks like 18″) with simple, tough components and a lighter front end due to the absence of a suspension fork. It has a “touring” fork which is adequate for anything anyone reading this is likely to do. Plenty of clearance for “mudguards” especially after you swap the tires for street-friendly ones.
  • Trek Multitrak 700 a couple of years later this bike would be called hybrid. Good, cheap for what it is. May need tires. For tall people, it’s a big frame.

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