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Sunday, 26 March, 2006
  1. Format list
  2. Ubuntu + Automatix = Crazy Delicous
  3. (Ubuntu + Automatix)/XFCE = Mac on X86 (almost) Elements collapse inexplicably
  4. Call Dan’s and make an appointment
  5. Cash checks, hand out money, including the rent.
  6. Lube bikes and take the Maruishi down to Aaron’s

    Maruishi is Japanese for “little sea” or “big fucking lake” it is the family name of the founder

  7. Make big panic attack, following that attempt to make plans to be sociable … even if it’s some activity you wouldn’t normally take part

  8. Sex with witches

  9. Peel the first few layers off of the apartment. Reserve five hours for the process
  10. Think about the phone and internet thing again

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