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Playboy, as hot as ever.

Tuesday, 14 March, 2006

I’ve been listening off and on to the new Channel 198 Playboy Radio. You have to either call in or log in to opt in, although it is available at no extra charge. Not so long ago XM carried this service as a $3 premium channel. Almost no one subscribed.

It is a train wreck. Imagine that “confidence” one finds among CSWs and certain other, typically female, servile laborers unhinged and uncensored on topic-free talk radio. Everyone is profoundly satisfied with themselves. I’m beginning to appreciate the dependence people develop toward their Scenes. As long as you don’t leave your assigned cluster, everyone loves you to your face.

It’s that “energy” I learned to call chaotic. Even if I was headed in this direction anyway, my limited experience with this channel has encouraged me never to have sex again.


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