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New channel line-up, comments in italics

Thursday, 9 March, 2006

Blue Collar Comedy Ch. 103
Humor from Blue Collar Comedy Tour comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall, as well as workingman favorites from classic comedians you know and new stand-ups you’ll want to.

Currently channel 103 is Sirius Stars, which will move to 102. This places Raw Dog, Laugh Break and the new comedy channel adjacent to one another.

FOX News Ch. 131
Become a part of America’s news phenomenon with FOX News, which puts national and international news right at your fingertips. It’s all here: The O’Reilly Factor, On The Record with Greta Van Susteren, Hannity & Colmes and more.

Currently channel 131 is Bloomberg Radio, the audio feed of Bloomberg Television, which will be deleted.

FOX News Talk Ch. 145
From the Fair & Balanced news network comes opinion, news, analysis and listener call-ins, featuring pulse-of-the-nation hosts like Bill O’Reilly, Tony Snow, Alan Colmes, Neil Cavuto, John Gibson and more.

Currently channel 145 is Sirius Right, whose syndicated programming will be consolidated with Sirius Patriot on 144. Which name will surbive has not been disclosed. Due to the curious relationship between Fox and ABC Radio this is the second channel programmed by ABC Radio on Sirius.

Sirius Progress Ch. 142
As talk radio has become a sea of right-wing wackos, SIRIUS has finally realized the need to balance that with some good left-wing wackos! Marc Maron, Mark Levine, Bernie Ward, Ray Taliaferro, Jim Hightower and CounterSpin Radio are coming to Sirius Progress.

Currently channel 142 is vacant. BTW, I $%#ing told you. I am not comfortable with the amount of CCC-affiliated talent, and I’ve been wondering what Hightower was up to.

Cosmo Radio Ch. 111
Advice on love, sex, and relationships; tips on beauty, fitness and fashion; the latest celebrity gossip; and the news you need to be the most informed girl at the water cooler. Cosmo Radio takes you behind the velvet ropes with our editors at special events and lets you listen (if you dare!) to guys giving their uncensored opinions on dating and relationships. Plus, you’ll hear extra editions of your favorite columns, like Ask Him Anything, Bedside Astrologer, and Guy Spy.

Currently channel 111 is WSM Entertainment, whose disposition has not been disclosed. However, the special programming WSM once created for satellite and streaming recently ended. WSM Entertainment may be deleted.

Playboy Radio Ch. 198
Sexy, smart and refined adult programming: Playboy Radio features a full range of original live programming created for SIRIUS, including a new morning show featuring segments with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, live call-in shows and broadcasts from the Playboy Mansion. Add Playboy Radio at no extra charge.

Channel 198 will become highest numbered channel on the Sirius system. The current top channel is 184, the Weather and Emergency channel. It is rumored that the system can support 255 channels, which may be numbered up to 999.


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