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Fry’s Electronics Hanky Code

Saturday, 26 February, 2005

Any place where men with peculiar interests gather eventually requires a time-efficient method of attracting those with similar sub-interests. Among these place is Fry’s Electronics, in particular the Computer Peripherals department, where individuals of similar interests gather for the purpose of acquiring the equipment and accessory chemicals and fluids to pursue their distinctive interests. Over time, all manner of pairings have been made on the floor. To assist the uninitiated, Angrystan provides this code to the conspicuous handkerchiefs occasionally seen at Fry’s.

Bondi Blue – old Macintosh support

Beige (rare) – 16-bit specialist

Black/White – Linux support, hardware
White/Black – Linux support, software
LED Green – Linux curious
Red Hat Red -Hardcore Linux

Fatal Exception Blue – 32-bit Windows support
Xact Orange – Still “experimenting”, curious
Dell Blue – Looking for complete system, may be in wrong area
IBM Blue – [obsolete]
Purple – seeking oral

White with red, yellow or green spots – May be coming down with flu


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